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January 25, 2010 18 comments

Hi World – it’s Darren from here. I’m looking to set up this blog as a way to collect and feature guest post for ProBlogger.

My experience of the last few months is that I get so many submissions for guest posts for ProBlogger that I wish I could use and feature more. My hope with this blog is that at least guest posts will be featured somewhere and that those who subscribe to this blog will benefit from the wisdom of the wider community.

I’m enabling ratings on these posts in the hope of identifying great posts here that I can promote to the main blog on

If you’re interested in adding a guest post here please email me via the contact form on and I’ll invite you to be a contributor here. Please include ‘community blog’ as the opening words of your email.

I’ve included more information for potential guest posters here.

I can’t guarantee to publish every guest post submitted (I do want to try to ensure a certain level of quality) but will use more than I’m able to on

Lastly – this is an experiment. I’m not sure how I’ll evolve it. It could end up dying or I could take this idea and expand upon it if it has legs. Be warned – this could end up being great…. or a fizzler 🙂

PS: no, this blog is not pretty. Yes, it is on and not my own domain. All of this is just to keep this simple and see how things work before making any decisions about whether to take this idea and expand/evolve it.

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